Kitchen Toekick Drawers

1×2 design for the toekick drawer using the Ikea Blum Slide.

A very simple design using 1×2 and 1×4’s

4 holes in the toekick panel are drilled and the locking pins that come with the drawer are screwed into this toekick section.

CAD view from the bottom of the cabinet.

Don’t forget the dampers so the drawers close silently.

This cabinet is narrow and requires different leveler feet.

Corner cabinet in place

False cabinet attached to corner cabinet is actually a shallow cabinet.
The wine cooler will go into this area.

Close view of the leveler foot of the corner cabinet.
All the other cabinets get the plastic Ikea leveler feet.

Toekick Drawer #1. The one under the sink is the widest.

This drawer is mounted so that the clearance at both the bottom and the right will increase as the drawer is opened.

The front of this drawer has beveled edges to blend with the other toekicks.

Toekick drawers are so easy, everyone should have them!!