Kitchen Construction

All the sheetrock is torn out

Permanent installation of the Bose AM-5 subwoofer in the ceiling.

Our temporary kitchen for what seemed like forever.

Sheetrock back in, ceiling is painted and yellow trim has begun

Yellow is done

Home Depot Travertine started

Tile is finished and grouted

Finally starting on the Ikea cabinets

The First toekick drawer in place.
I need to insure that the clearance along the bottom edge increases when opened using a 50 pound weight

Custom vent for the toekick area

Vent in place and tested

Placing Cabinets over the vent

Need to see if it’s level

Tile backsplash from Home Depot

Using nails to hold this in place until the cement cures

Wall cabinets in place

Layout for the base cabinets

Plywood supports to maintain the custom 45 degree angles

Need some Thinset for the laminate flooring. The floor must be absolutely flat.

I have the old adhesive type laminate flooring from Shaw.

Had to make some clamp ends for use with a ratchet strap

Layout for the glass blocks

Using Ikea As-Is towel rods that will fill the gap of the glass block radius and also support the counter top

Checking the intensity of the illuminator

There’s a lot of side glow fiber here

Cutting the Ikea Towel rods to length.
The glass blocks can be cut easily with the Freight Harbor Tools wet tile saw.
A 1″ gap between the top of the glass blocks and the countertop will allow exhaust heat from the wine cooler to escape.

Cutting the fibers to length

Another test

Testing the custom mount for the illuminator

Adding the custom draw brackets to the Ikea counter top

Countertops in place. The large one is marked for cutting the radius along the top of the glass blocks

Sink cutout

A bracket made from CRS and a flat head wood screw draws the halves together when tightened.

Sink in place

More custom made draw brackets.

Detail of the countertop joint where the bevel was removed

That’s it!