Kitchen CAD

Ikea Applad white cabinets are inexpensive and well made.
The countertops are Pronomen.
I got the wine cooler at Home Depot for $200 since it was dented on the sides.

A cover panel is used at the end where the wine cooler is located.

The cabinet to the right of the range is a wall cabinet used to provide a space for the illuminator.

CAD view from the bottom of the cabinet showing the detail for the air vent and the toekick drawers.

Location of the Ceiling speakers. One of 2 subwoofers is permanently mounted in the ceiling.

Routing of the side glow fiber.

This bottom view shows the location of the illuminator.
Also shown are the aluminum panels behind the glass blocks to hide the backside of the cabinets.

Home Depot has the laundry door.

Lighting test. There were cabinets over the rounded part of the countertop.
A friend of mine looked at the 3D model and suggested leaving them out for a more spacious look.

View shows where the TV is mounted. Originally, a small 7″ TV would be mounted to the wall cabinet.
Then I realized that the TV I was already using in the kitchen was 12″.
I mentioned this to my wife and she, without even thinking about it, suggested hanging an
LCD TV in the other room that could be viewed in both locations.

The appliances came from Sears, although I could have purchased them from Ikea.

I only used one cover panel for the false cabinet at the wine cooler.
I’m really not sure how they are used for other applications.