Kitchen – After

I bought a table and chairs for $400 and had it reupholstered.
I used Ikea casters since they are inexpensive and compatible with laminate flooring.

A cover panel is used at the end where the wine cooler is located.

The $200 wine cooler has the light controlled by the switch by the window.
The illuminator has an RF remote control to switch the lamp on and off and control the color.
The bar stools are from K-Mart

The computer / Stereo / EQ are located behind the TV in the closet.
The wireless keyboard and mouse operate the Vista Media Center.
Media extenders are located in other rooms.

I found Levolor blinds for the while house at Lowes for about $200.

The hallway ligh fixtures are from Lowes and they were really expensive at about $35 each.

The outlet in the side of the counter is required by code and should not be used. If a child pulls on the cord it could pull a deep fryer full of oil onto the child (the code should be changed).

Under counter lights are 20W Xenon from home Depot.

The shallow space behind the wine cooler makes a great spice storage area.

The wire guides for the under counter lights are from Daiso for $1.50 for a 6′ length.

GFI outlets are used (optionally) at each location because they were cheaper than the ordinary oulets and the quality is far better. Only the screw lugs are used because I have witnessed heat build up on the quick connects (with the correct wire size and type used) and I believe they are a fire hazard.

The Ikea drawers are top notch Blum Tandembox all with dampers.

These have the older dampers that do not work as well as the newer ones that attach to the hinges.
The old ones are only used here and on the corner wall cabinet.

The lighting is great for watching movies.

The illuminated decora wall switches are nice.

The entire kitchen remodel was about $15,000 including:
TV, stereo, (2) Sub Woofers Computer, media extenders, flooring, blinds for the whole house.