Keyless Chuck

Here is the Abstract:

A self-actuating keyless chuck for use with a reversible powered driver is disclosed. The chuck comprises a body which carries a rotatable split nut and a plurality of slidable jaws driven by the rotatable nut. A sleeve member is rotatably connected to the body and carries an impact ring provided with a first impact dog. A second impact dog is associated with the split nut. Spring means are provided to bias the first impact dog toward engagement with the second impact dog whereby the jaws will be tightened or loosened whenever the rotation of the sleeve is restrained and the powered driver is actuated.

Another impact tightening chuck.              
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, Brookfield, WI
Keyless impacting chuck

I’ve used the Jacobs chuck for over 20 years. When I get a new drill, I replace it with this one. A friend of mine has a chuck with carbide jaws. The jaws cut into the drill shank and leave indentations which are not so good as softer jaws that press down on the shank with more force.

I suppose the reason these are no longer available is the potential liability issues.  Sure wish people would use tools with common sense and wouldn’t hold companies responsible for self mutilation.