Aston Martin Vantage

Trials & Tribulations of Owning an Aston Martin Vantage

Disclaimer: I’m just a hobbyist with an AM Vantage. I make suggestions and try to fix my own car but may have things completely wrong so do not take any of this as gospel.

Sportshift Transmission Tips

This is how I live with the ASM transmission.

ASM Clutch Upgrade from Single Disc to Double

My clutch was nearing the end of life and I checked a few local shops and nobody would get back to me or didn’t have the AMDS so I decided to replace it myself.

Wheel Spacers

There are a few options for bringing the wheels closer to the fenders edge. I went with the low cost option.

Brake Bleeding

What to look out for whether you bleed the brakes yourself or you take the car to the shop.

Front / Rear Camera Install

 I needed a way to stop destroying my front valence. I needed to see where the curb is because if the valence goes over the curb even just slightly, when I leave the spot, the valence will hook onto the curb and rip itself off the car.

Oil Trap

The Oil Separator doesn’t work really well so the addition of an Oil Trap is helpful.

Nose Lift

The driveway is really steep. The car can make it into the driveway but the front valence scrapes and will eventually grind away the valence.

Sportshift ASM Relay

Why it’s important that you change the relay.

Tire Pressure Gauge

If you don’t know why you need a pen in the car, you might want to make this tire pressure gauge.


The performance modifications I made to my car so far. I think I’m finished.

Cabin Air Filters

The air filters are pretty easy to replace. This is very short procedure and where I bought mine.

I try to never make a permanent modification to the car and keep all the original parts.