Aston Martin – Cabin Air Filters

This applies to my 2009 Vantage which may not have original parts causing these procedures to be inaccurate.

Removal Procedure

  1. The glove box can be removed first and then the frame.
  2. To remove the glove box, leave it in the closed position.
  3. Remove the bottom 3 screws (Middle is Philips and outer ones are T20’s)
  4. Put key in and open glove box and it should just fall out of the frame.
  5. Leave key in to listen to nice stereo.
  6. Pull surround off and disconnect the switch connector for the release mechanism.
  7. Remove 4X Philips that hold the frame in and let it hang from the wire safety rope. The tire pressure unit will move down with it.
  8. Use fingers to spread apart claws that hold the left side of the filter cover on.
  9. Swing it around and push to the right to get the other side off. Move the wire rope as required.
  10. Pull filters out

Installation Procedure

  1. Put the new filters in with the long side flanges facing upward. The recess in the rear (toward the engine) that accepts the flange is lower than you might think so you need to angle the filters upward at the front.
  2. Push both in.
  3. Put the Cover on so the word “UP” is not upside-down.
  4. Put the frame back.
  5. Put the glove box back and latch so the nubs poke thru the hinge in 2 places.
  6. Put the middle Philips in tight.
  7. Put the 2X T20’s in. If the T20 goes in and just clicks when tightening, try another angle until it cinches up tight. (I pulled the glove box out and tried the screw and it was tight. The put it back and it clicked. Finally tried another angle and it went in).

Where to Buy

  • I bought the ATP RA-16 Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Air Filter on Amazon for $22.21 with free shipping.
  • I read that these are the same ones used in the Mazda RX8.
  • The weave is a little tighter than the ones that came out.
  • I think I could have cleaned the old ones using compressed air.
  • They did trap some leaves and twigs.
  • I slammed the two together and there was a lot of dust so they probably worked well.


Changed February 2021