Astin Martin – Tire Pressure Gauge

The car came with a hole where the Lamy pen is supposed to go. I guess that middle section should be filled with a really thick note pad. Well I don’t need that and I don’t need to have a pen either.

So, I made a Sleeve for a pocket tire pressure gauge which I may also never use. But, the cost is good and it fills in the hole.

It fits really well and does not rattle or anything so I’ll move on to other projects.

Closer View

Tire Pressure Gauge Holder.pdf

Here’s a drawing for the gauge sleeve I made. The dimensions can be adjusted to about +/-0.010″ depending on the measured size of the tire pressure gauge and the tape. I used some W1 high carbon steel I have (bought a variety of sizes from Zoro for making various parts) 303 Stainless would have been a little better and I might have to make another if this one rusts. The first sleeve I made was from aluminum but I wanted to go along with the substantial feel of all the controls within reach of the driver. 

Tire pressure gauge found on eBay from between $1.99 and $4.99. I wrapped a layer of scotch cellophane tape near the middle to create a light press fit into the steel sleeve.

Fabricated December 2018